If you cannot work in Pennsylvania because of injuries or medical problems, there are two federal government programs that may help you.


The moment you become injured at work, everything changes. You suddenly can't work. The paychecks stop.


Slips, trips and falls are a part of everyday living. But when your slip-and-fall was someone else's fault, it is an entirely different matter, especially if you are injured.


A Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision from the end of 2013 sets some important rules that apply to something an employer can do to try to reduce the benefits of an injured worker.

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Death Benefits, Scars And Lost Body Parts

The Pennsylvania laws governing workers' compensation are very complex, and depending upon your injury and the situation, you could file for benefits under several different categories.

For example, through your accident you could have lost a finger and also been permanently scarred on your face. In that case, you would likely qualify for disfigurement benefits for the scar and compensation for the finger. You can qualify for benefits for lost body parts if you have lost the use of that part. It doesn't have to be gone — just useless. Someone who is in a wheelchair because his or her legs are paralyzed is entitled to benefits for the loss of both legs.

Here are three such categories:

  • Scar and disfigurement
  • Loss of body parts
  • Death

There are many rules and deadlines to know before you can apply for one or more of these benefits — or if you can apply at all. Your best move is to call us, the Media serious injury lawyers at The Law Office of James R. Flandreau.

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